• I recommend Peerel Driving School.

    I recommend Peerel Driving School to anyone who wants to learn how to drive or for anyone who wants to improve their driving skills. Eric is patient, calm, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to my closest friends and relatives because I am confident that he will teach them safe driving skills to last a lifetime, just like he did with me. I passed my first driving test with no issues and I am a confident driver, all because of Eric.

    by Camilla Rzepa
  • My wife took her first driving lesson with Eric at Peerel driving school in Port Coquitlam, she has never drove in her life before. Eric helped her to gain confidence and now she is driving by herself almost every where. We are very thankful for Eric to teach my wife the essential driving skills.


    by Samer El Gher
  • After long search to pick the best driving school, I chose peerel driving school because of the reputation Eric has. I had zero experience and I have passed the first time. Eric is a very professional instructor and without his patient and unique way of teaching I would never be that confident in driving.
    I highly recommend Peerel Driving School with Eric.

    by Rim El Malek
  • Eric as my teacher presented a unique style of teaching and showed remarkable patience, especially to me as a future mother. Despite holding a driving license from my country and the lack of experience as a driver, Eric taught me new laws and rules on Canadian roads. He did it in a professional manner, tinged with great humor. I am very grateful to him for the excellent work he has done, without his teaching, my license still would not be achievable thing for me. (probably)

    Beata Radoszewski

    by Beata R.
  • Peerel is the best driving school in poco (if not, lower mainland) and Eric is the guy! He is very patient, friendly, and very funny. Most importantly, he teaches with passion. Be sure to listen to all of his advices, it can and will save your life in the future!

    by - Vince T
  • A lot of my friends complained about picky examiners and challenging road test in BC. One of the few persons who passed the test on the first time recommended me Peerel School. I am glad I followed her advise. Eric is very knowledgeable, reliable and patient teacher. I liked his way to pay attention even to small details, to explain situation on the road and logic. Eric is honest and realistic in his assessment of skills and potential success. His focus is not only to prepare for an exam but to teach how to drive safely and understand the situation on the road.
    …and yes – I passed on the first time!

    by Nana R.
  • Eric was an excellent teacher overall. He really takes the time to teach you every single detail in order for your success! He was very patient and understanding, and was very helpful when I did something wrong. We would pull over and he would draw the situations of what I did wrong and what I should’ve done, making it extremely easy to understand. I was overwhelmed by the amount of rules I had to know, however Eric over prepares you, so your test with be a breeze. Highly recommend him!


    by Marina Habib
  • I had taken 30 hours of lessons from Peerel Driving School with no prior knowledge of driving. Within those 30 hours, Eric taught me all I needed to know about driving and the importance of being safe at the wheel. He truly was a great instructor. He was enthusiastic, very patient, and most importantly passionate in his job. Without him, I would not have learned all the knowledge I know today and I would not have passed my drivers test. It was a pleasure being instructed by him.

    by Alexandra Vrapciu
  • Thanks for the lessons you provided for Ashley. Much appreciated. She spoke very highly of your teaching philosophy. I hope to refer other business to you.
    All the best,

    by John DeRose
  • I was nervous to start driving. Yet at 21 with no experience Eric was able to teach me how to drive in two months!

    I passed the test first try with a total of 15 lessons. I felt at ease and learned very quickly. He’s great instructor and I would highly recommend him.

    by - Alyssa age 21
  • I had to pick up driving quickly because of my career, and at age 28 I didn’t know if I would be able to pick it up in time ….but in less than 15 hours worth of lessons, Eric whipped me into shape and gave me the skills and confidence to pass the test on the first try! Thanks so much Eric.
    I wish you continued success!

    by Eva
  • I had my examination today and I passed! I moved to Canada from Europe.
    Without Eric, I certainly would have failed, because there are a lot of differences in the system.
    So thank you VERY much for all the help!

    by Tanja A.
  • A short while ago I moved from Belgium to Vancouver, BC. Since my driving licence couldn’t be exchanged, I had to pass the road test.
    Eric Peerel was the best teacher possible to prepare me for the test.
    During the assessment class he taught me all I needed to know (and more) about the Canadian driving style and testing. I passed the test right away.

    Thanks Eric!

    by Jelger
  • I’m from Europe and I needed to get my BC driver’s license. Eric did a great job preparing me for the road test. He told me everything I needed to know and he has a great way of explaining everything. I would recommend him to anybody.

    by Kelly Deckx
  • I wholeheartedly recommend Peerel Driving School. Eric genuinely cares about his students and this shows in every lesson!  He has a very laid back style of explaining any type of maneuver or traffic sign, including parking (which I personally had a bit of trouble perfecting). He is very friendly and his personality allows you to be very comfortable behind the wheel. He breaks down the steps you need to take in order to accomplish your goal, and helps you see it through! Eric is also very committed to helping you pass the exam and attain the skills necessary to have a good driving experience for the rest of your life.

    by Alecs
  • Thank you Eric for getting my daughter fully prepared for her road test and all the skills you taught her along the way. She gained confidence and knowledge over the 6 lessons she had w/you and your coaching and presence day of the road test was invaluable. She passed with flying colours on her first try! It was a big moment in her life, her and I appreciate all you contributed to getting her there!

    by Janice B.
  • Hi Eric, a final thanks for what is a job well done.

    Both Ashley and Erin have their N’s passing on their first time through. A relief for a father half a world away.
    Good work and I will definetly pass your name along should anyone ask for a driving school in the future.

    Best regards,

    by Dan Conick
  • One of the best driving schools in the lower mainland!

    by Osburn
  • Hey Eric,
    You wanted an update on if I passed my driving test. I had my roadtest on monday and I passed.
    I also referred you to my manager at work as her son has his learners.


    by Layna Durant

Terms and Conditions

Great Experience

Great Experience

"Professional, and with a touch of humor" - that is how our customers usually describe our training program. We believe that stress free environment helps new drivers to learn, and they progress faster. You will gain the necessary experience without breaking a sweat and if you are very emotional about driving - we will adjust the driving program to your comfort.

Personal instruction

Personal instruction

Peerel Driving School is helping new drivers for 16 years already, but we are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve our teaching methods. We based our teaching program on a large curriculum - but each student is individually assessed and the teaching program is adjusted to your needs and to the number of driving lessons you have purchased. We make sure that we wisely and effectively use your time, and that you benefit the maximum of your trust and money invested in our training.

Private in-car lessons

Private in-car lessons

For your convenience, we offer one-on-one private driving lessons in well maintained and modern, air condition, vehicles. Our cars are equipped with dual controls, safety checked and certified yearly, as required by ICBC and industry standards.